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Given that the BRICS members are all either large producers or consumers of gold, or both, it would seem likely that the gold trading system itself will be one of trading physical gold. Koos Jansen View Articles By:

These auctions are also for unallocated gold positions which are only fractionally-backed by real physical gold. In London, the bullion is fractionally-backed unallocated russian positions which are predominantly cash-settled, in New York the derivative is exchange-traded gold future contracts which are predominantly cash-settles and again are backed by very little real gold. We have put up these charts from time to time to awards a visual representation of what the new up-and-comers awads only know, but are rudsian doing: SRSrocco View articles by: The icing on the cake in all this may be gold price benchmarks based on international physical gold trading. What the following graph shows is that the growth engines of the world understand where to put their money.

Дата проведения Международного форума «Рынок драгоценных металлов» перенесена на более поздний срок. В Программе Конференции выступления ведущих аналитиков рынка драгоценных металлов, представителей банковской отрасли, аффинажных предприятий. По вопросам участия в. International Forum «Bullion market» will be held in Moscow on (the date will be specified). The Forum comprises two parts: The Russian Bullion Conference «Precious Metals Market: New Challenges, New Horizons» and The Russian Bullion Awards ceremony and a number of other events. The conference. СРО НФА возрождает традицию живых дискуссий и актуальных докладов признанных экспертов международного и российского рынков драгоценных металлов и проводит X – юбилейный Международный форум "Российский рынок драгоценных металлов" (до года - Russian Bullion Awards) в память.

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